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28th Birthday - Decision, Molang & Nana's [Dec. 15th, 2014•11:59 pm]
[Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

15 Dec, Mon: Potato Chip Shaped Rabbit

 photo 15Dec2014Birthday1.jpg

A Birthday celebration in the office,
followed by Chocolate Indulgence cake :D

 photo 15Dec2014Birthday3.jpg

An adorable Molang Birthday Card designed by Elie!

 photo 15Dec2014Birthday4.jpg

Much thanks to Kasumi, Elie, Serene, Yu Hsin, Yip & King Li :)

 photo 15Dec2014Birthday5.jpg

Enjoyed a simple Birthday dinner with Wilfred at Nana’s.
And he gave me a pair of specially selected earrings :D

Much Love, Lynn

28th Birthday - Just Dance, Astons and Sephora [Dec. 14th, 2014•11:59 pm]
[Mood |bouncybouncy]

14 Dec, Sun: Sweeping Floor Move

Charlene brought me out for a Birthday Just Dance session,
dinner at Astons plus smells sampling in Sephora!

 photo 14Dec2014BdayPresents.jpg

Thank you Charlene for the lovely Birthday gifts! :D
Clockwise: Colette Clutch, Manicure Set, Sakura Hand Cream & Moisturizer :)

Much Love, Lynn

Mervyn's Birthday - SICC, Cafe Hop - CoffeeBean AMK Hub [Dec. 13th, 2014•11:59 pm]
[Mood |gigglygiggly]

13 Dec, Sat: Organised Meal

 photo 13Dec2014SICC.jpg

Celebrating Mervyn's Birthday at SICC with a Bowling Party! :D

 photo 13Dec2014CoffeeBeanBentoDinner.jpg

Wilfred and I enjoyed a CoffeeBean Bento Dinner at AMK Hub :D
They even gave us Philadelphia Cream Cheese spread, it was divine!

Much Love, Lynn

Cafe Hop - Wimbly Lu [Dec. 12th, 2014•11:59 pm]
[Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

12 Dec, Fri: Face Paint

Had dinner and went make-up shopping at Sephora with Sera :)

 photo 12Dec2014WimblyLu.jpg

And for dessert, we waited about half an hour at Wimbly Lu’s before getting a seat!
Enjoyed some lemon meringue pie and chatted awhile before heading home.

Much Love, Lynn

28th Birthday - Marche, Movie - Exodus: Gods & Kings [Dec. 11th, 2014•11:59 pm]
[Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

11 Dec, Thu: Now you Watch

 photo 11Dec2014Marche.jpg

Having a cozy Birthday dinner at Marche with Vanessa & Nenny :)

And also enjoyed “Exodus” at Cineleisure’s Cathay Platinum Movie Suites!

Much Love, Lynn

Affinity Meeting - December Birthdays [Dec. 10th, 2014•11:59 pm]
[Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

10 Dec, Wed: Horses Frolicking in the Fields

 photo 10Dec2014AffinityBday.jpg

Abhijeet and I celebrating our birthdays early during Affinity Meeting :D
The food at Spinelli’s is fantastic, and that includes our cheesecake!

Much Love, Lynn

Mrs Sg World 2014 - Awards [Dec. 9th, 2014•11:59 pm]
[Mood |thankfulthankful]

9 Dec, Tue: Food & Fitness

 photo 9Dec2014MrsSgWorldAwards.jpg

Resting after the Adventures of Mrs Singapore World :)

Much Love, Lynn

Mrs Sg World 2014 - FINALS [Dec. 8th, 2014•11:59 pm]
[Mood |bouncybouncy]

8 Dec, Mon: Strut Yo Stuff

Today is the day! The Mrs Singapore World 2014 Finals :D

 photo 8Dec2014MrsSgWorldFinals1.jpg

Here’s Violet and I right after donning our wings
for the D’Elegance Fashion Show and Dance segment :)

 photo 8Dec2014MrsSgWorldFinals2.jpg

Sofy, Lydia, myself and Shuran in all our body shaping glory ;D

 photo 8Dec2014MrsSgWorldFinals3.jpg

On-stage self introduction :)

 photo 8Dec2014MrsSgWorldFinals5.jpg

Awarded the Mrs Fitness 2014 subsidiary title after
the Li Ning Sportswear Fashion Show segment.

 photo 8Dec2014MrsSgWorldFinals6.jpg

Awarded the 2nd Prize for Star Chef 2014 :D

 photo 8Dec2014MrsSgWorldFinals7.jpg

During Rlongtou Bag’s Fashion Show segment in Cocktail wear!

 photo 8Dec2014MrsSgWorldFinals8.jpg

Wilfred and I during the Evening Wear Segment :)

 photo 8Dec2014MrsSgWorldFinals9.jpg

One last selfie before we end the night!

 photo 8Dec2014MrsSgWorldFinals10.jpg

My very special VIP guests, Vanessa & Nenny :)

Much Love, Lynn

Mrs Sg World 2014 - Rehearsals Day 5 [Dec. 7th, 2014•11:59 pm]
[Mood |excitedexcited]

7 Dec, Sun: On the Eve of Glamour

 photo 7Dec2014RehearsalsDay5Pic2.jpg

1 Day before the Mrs Singapore World 2014 Finals! :)

 photo 7Dec2014RehearsalsDay5Pic1.jpg

Just 1 more day left with all of these lovely ladies, what a journey it has been.

Much Love, Lynn

Trailer - Terminator Genisys [Dec. 6th, 2014•11:59 pm]
[Mood |excitedexcited]

6 Dec, Sat: The Rules have Changed

“Terminator Genisys” will be out in theatres on 1 July 2015.
Starring Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Jason Clarke,
Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney and Lee Byung-hun.
Directed by Alan Taylor

Much Love, Lynn

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